Kiffin V. Meyer

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As the Sports Center report sums up Kiffin made some accusations towards Florida coach Urban Meyer the other day, which has caused quite a fuss in SEC country. It has left Florida fans in an uproar while Vol fans can just add to the list of fan bases of whose skin Lane Kiffin has managed to get under while at UT. Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier have also not hidden there contempt of Kiffin during his tenure in Big Orange Country.

However, other ESPN personalities have not responded as well to Kiffin as the PTI guys Tennessee alumni Gene Wojoiciechowski wrote this scathing article about CLK on Friday.

Wojoiciechowski is also being echoed in Crimson Tide country:

I have to say that I disagree with these two columns and think that Kiffin is a genius. I am willing to bet that Kiffin knew already that Meyer wasn’t breaking the rules but rather knew what a media firestorm it would create if he did call out the Gators. Thus, in the aftermath of signing day all that ESPN has been talking about college football wise has not been the great classes that LSU and others landed but rather the Tennessee Volunteers. As they say, any publicity is good publicity. Now following the fall out of Kiffin's accusations we find out that Nick Montana, (yes Joe Montana's son) will be visiting UT next week. I think it's clear that CLK is smarter than Al Davis thought after all.

In addition, I cannot wait for Sept. 19 even though UT will surely be huge underdogs against the Gators UT vs. UF will finally have the same spark it did before Spurrier left for the Redskins.