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Well the Lane Train is gone to what is according to him the number one job in America. Some of us would disagree. This is simply a devastating blow to the program. Now many rumors are running around Knoxville as to who his possible replacement will be. Texas D-Coordinator, Will Muschamp and Air Force Head Coach, Troy Calhoun have pulled themselves out of consideration according to the Dallas Morning Star and the Denver Post. ESPN's Joe Schad has said he expects Duke's head coach and former Tennessee offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe will be one of Athletic Director Mike Hamilton's candidates. There also rumors that some UT trustees are attempting to go behind Mike Hamilton’s back and hire back Phil Fulmer as either coach or AD. Its possibly well known booster “Thunder” Thornton who has never seen quite eye to eye with Mike Hamilton as portrayed by Clay Travis book “On Rocky Top”. Lots more to come as well as some of my eye witness reactions on campus to the aftermath of Kiffin's leaving.

Also, the title is a Swiperboy reference it means shaking my head he says it in a lot of his posts on Twitter.

On the other hand Tennessee teams always respond well to adversity like these guys.